Stauffenberg Associates has a creative and open approach to design. Projects can often become defined by constraints such as site irregularities, a tight budget, a short construction schedule or specific client aspirations. The firm’s approach is to work with these conditions while achieving beautiful spaces to live or work in. Through the process of designing and detailing a project various solutions are developed with client input. In London in particular where space is at a premium the attention to detail in terms of room configuration and the sequencing of spaces becomes essential to how a project is understood.

The firm’s approach to design is to find elegant and timeless solutions which are developed through analysing the unique context of the site paired with the goals and desires of the people who will use the space. Alice graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with dual Bachelor degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Yale School of Architecture. Before starting her own practice she managed projects at Selldorf Architects and Platt Dana Architects in New York, and Studio Mark Ruthven in London. Alice has extensive residential experience which runs the gamut from small apartment renovations to large scale country house new build construction.